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Three steps to peace of mind: Documenting, Securing and Maintaining
Inventory Services

To ensure that you are receiving the best inventory service possible, our processes are continually reviewed, improved and adapted to meet our customers' needs. You are invited to remain with us the entire time we are in your home or place of business. We encourage questions prior to starting and during your inventory. We might come in as strangers, but leave feeling we’ve made new friends.

Is your company licensed and certified?

There is no licensing, on either a state or national level, for the home inventory industry.

Though certifications are not required for home and business inventory service professionals at this time, we have achieved the designation of Certified Inventory Expert (CIE) through the National Inventory Certification Association.

Should I have an inventory before or after I paint, remodel or redecorate?

Now that you realize the importance of having an inventory, it would be in your best interest to schedule as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to hold off, then experience a loss. Sometimes "later" is too late. Since we are documenting contents, new paint colors, cabinets, tile, carpet, etc., do not affect your personal property information.

Do I need to clean before you come?

Absolutely not! Tidiness is of no concern to us. Don’t feel that cluttered or disorganized closets or garages need to be cleaned. For the same reason as stated above, it’s best to have your inventory documented as soon as possible. If you had a disaster, would you rather have a picture of a cluttered or dusty area than have no pictures at all? Don’t delay!

What do I need to do to prepare for the inventory?

Absolutely nothing! However, if you have appraisal forms, certificates of authenticity, receipts or other similar items, we’ll be happy to create a digital record for your files.

How long does the inventory process take?

This depends on the size of your home or business. Once we learn this information, we can give you an accurate estimate. We have created a very efficient process with our customers’ busy schedules in mind.

Recording your personal property is extremely important, but it is only the first step in achieving a full service inventory. In addition to the documentation process, your information can be secured at an off-site location for safe keeping. Renewals and updates are available to keep your files current. Additionally, if you have a major remodel or redecorating project, we'll re-inventory just those areas that have been updated.

Documenting, Securing and Maintaining - 3 steps to bring you peace of mind!
Image Documentation Image Documentation
The series of digital photos of each room include full room views from different perspectives, a photo of each wall and close-up photographs of specific key assets. Exterior building shots are also included.
Catalog Catalog
Complementing the digital record is an itemized list of your personal property. Organized by room (the format preferred by insurance companies), the detailed description includes manufacturer, model and serial numbers of electronics, appliances, weapons, power tools, etc. Special artist marks and other identifying information on collectables are included as well.
Final Report Final Report
Your portfolio will be delivered within two weeks of the inventory. It includes both a printed and electronic version of your information.
Secure Backup Secure Backup
A copy is stored and secured at an off-site location. If your report is damaged, lost or destroyed due to a disaster, we will provide one to you within 48 hours. Upon your request, we'll also include a 2nd copy for your insurance agent or the police department at no additional charge.
Annual Renewals and Updates Annual Renewals and Updates
As your ownership of assets changes, an update of this information is recommended. As a service to our customers, we offer annual renewals and updates at a nominal fee. These updates will keep your records current so you won't have to pay for the full service again.
Note: We are a documentation service and are not certified or licensed appraisers. We are, however, certified by the National Inventory Certification Association. Our expertise is in professional documentation services, and we leave the appraisal services up to the professionals in their respective industries.
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We are committed to securing your personal property and providing you with the tools to properly recover from a disaster.
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